Development Update :: Ponds

Development construction at Stony Brook is well underway. This week we are working on the southernmost pond in Wiesman Common, as shown in the picture above. This is our largest pond and it is being built for detention purposes. It will have a soothing fountain at the center and be surrounded by lighted walking tails on both sides. It is going to be a beauty!

Each of our ponds in Stony Brook is being built with a shelf. What does that mean and why should that matter? Good questions. As denoted in the picture, a pond shelf is located just a few feet below the water’s edge of each pond. It is shallow at the edge of the pond and gently slopes towards the center of the pond. Pond shelves are beings installed throughout Stony Brook’s ponds for safety reasons. They provide a ledge for children, pets and even adults who may slip into the pond. The shelf will allow anyone in the water to safely hop out of the pond before it becomes too deep.

We have spent months dreaming of and planning for Stony Brook. We want this community to be the perfect place to call home, a place that provides incredibly beauty in both the architecture and the outdoor areas. We also want it to be a safe haven for your family. A gated entry is one way we are working to make our community safe. Pond shelves are another way!

Discovering Wiesman Common

Welcome to our new site, where you can find out the latest news about Stony Brook, Southlake’s newest luxury community. A gated community, Stony Brook features 47 home sites and more than 7 acres of green space.

Wiesman Common, Stony Brook’s center park, is one of the most exciting components of Stony Brook. Named after the previous owners, Jack and Glenda Wiesman, Wiesman Common provides residents with an excellent place to relax and enjoy life. A bubbling brook winds throughout the Common connecting three ponds and their fountains. Rock outcroppings, lighted walking trails, Corten steel bridges and an open air pavilion complete this charming park.

Each of the twelve home sites in Block 2 back up to Wiesman Common. These homes will enjoy excellent views of the park area and have private access to Wiesman Common. These are some of the best home sites in Stony Brook and will be some of the first to go. Call one of our exclusive builders to reserve your home site in Stony Brook!